Kodi With Alexa Download 2017

Step One: Prepare Your Kodi Web Server

In order for this to work, Kodi will need to have a server accessible from the web. Thankfully, this is built into Kodi, though you may need to forward some ports on your router and perform some other tasks before it works smoothly.

Step Two: Set Up Your Amazon Web Services Account

Next, you’ll need to set up an account with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Head to this page and click “Create an AWS Account”. Log in with your Amazon credentials when prompted. If you don’t have an AWS account already, you’ll be asked to enter your contact info to create one. Be sure to check “Personal Account” along the top.

Step Three: Install Python 2.7 and Set Up Your Variables

In order to push Ipson’s code to AWS, you’ll need Python 2.7 installed on your computer. We’ll be using Windows in this tutorial, but you should be able to do this on macOS and Linux as well.

Step Four: Push Your Code to AWS

With those variables in place, your code is ready for deployment. Back in your Command Prompt, run these two commands:

Kodi With Alexa

This will install a tool called Zappa, which will help you deploy your code.

Step Five: Create Your Alexa Skill

To connect Ipson’s code with our Echo, we’ll need to create an Alexa “Skill” that uses that code. This app won’t be distributed to anyone, it’ll just be in “testing mode” forever, connected to your own Amazon account for use with your Echo.

Control Kodi With Alexa

Click OK when finished.

Kodi With Alexa Download 2017 Download

Repeat this process with these Slot Types: MOVIES, MOVIEGENRES, MUSICARTISTS, MUSICALBUMS, MUSICSONGS, MUSICPLAYLISTS, VIDEOPLAYLISTS, and ADDONS (If you don’t have information for any of these, create the slot type anyway — Ipson’s code requires it — and just write the word “Empty” in the box. It won’t cause any problems.)

Step Six: Test Your New Commands

If all went well, you should be able to test your new commands now. Make sure your Kodi box is turned on, and try saying something like:

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