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How to Install Velocity Kodi Addon. The users of the Genesis Kodi Addon were facing certain issues for a long time. Some of the reported complaints were of buffering, and the Genesis channel getting stopped in between. The Velocity Addon is one of the powerful and fully featured Kodi addon. The Velocity Addon allows you to Watch Movies and TV Shows with great picture quality. The best thing about Velocity Addon is that it allows you to download movies and it is fully customizable addon that is you can customize Velocity addon the way you like.

  • 1 Kodi download windows 7, 8,10
  • 1.1 Requirements for Kodi download pc and in Laptop
  • 3 Conclusion Kodi download windows 7, 8,10

Kodi download windows 7, 8,10

No need to Kodi media player download because along with Kodi automatically it’s available to install. In this tutorial, I have shown you in deep to Kodi download for windows 8,7,10.

At the same time, Kodi has more than 11,218,000 users all over the world and after passing each single day Kodi users are increasing in more than your imagination to Kodi windows 7 download. The main thing after Kodi app free download and install you can watching NFL on Kodi, Movie, TV shows, Live TV, Sports, Rides, Horrors and many others things out of from your exception. But the main headache is to install Kodi app for laptop & Pc more difficulty.

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At this time Kodi has become viral and most of the person are using it. Only a few are left out because of not aware of this Kodi function or maybe not able to know how to “Kodi free download for windows”. First I would inform you that Kodi has a specific version of each specific platform.

So due to this reason how to Kodi windows 7 download or 8,10 and to Kodi app windows 10 8,7 ”installation is a little bit ambitious.

Now not making this session prolong to “Kodi download pc windows 7,8, 10”. At the end of this next paragraph, just I will guide you ‘how to download Kodi on windows 10,8,7and how to install Kodi.

I have shown you a table below which work is to define on which platform Kodi does support that you can go to next Kodi download windows 7,8,10 to install.

Is kodi safe/ Is Kodi legal in USA/ Is Kodi exdodus legal in other country

Is Kodi safe or Is Kodi legal in USA or Is Kodi exdodus legal :- yes for all. Kodi id legal. If users are activating Kodi excodus from google play store it means you are owning the copyright.

In Aprail, the EU Court of justice (ECJ) has ruled to sale the media player with he copyrighted link. So doing this Kodi is passing all the compulsory norms set of legal rules. “Is kodi safe/ Is Kodi legal in USA/ Is Kodi exdodus legal”.

Requirements for Kodi download pc and in Laptop

Kodi No Limits Magic Build is a very good Build that has a nice layout, all the popular add-ons are included, and no need for a password or pin number to install. Its popularity caused some servers to slow down which has been resolved by using the No Limits Wizard. How to install kodi no limits magic build + Download & Review. Admin March 6. STEP 16: Kodi no limit magic build download is completed. Kodiforu is no way associated with kodi or xbmc. Our blog is created to share all the useful kodi addons, tips, tricks and basic how to install tutorials. How to install No Limits Magic Build on Kodi and get the best add-ons that will provide free movies, tv shows, live sports, etc. After restarting Kodi with No Limits Magic Build, be sure to allow enough time for add-ons to update in the background. No Limits Magic Build provides four different servers that you can download and install from. Kodi no limits download url.

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So now below recommended Kodi app free download to windows 7,8 and 10.

Windows Version

  • Kodi app windows 7,8,10


  • x86–64 or x86 processors such as Intel Pentium 4/ Pentium M, AMD Athlon 64 / Opteron, or newer CPU (that support SSE2, which all CPUs made within the last 10-years does).


  • Recommended: 1GB or more in an HTPC media player appliance-like computer dedicated for Kodi, and 2GB or more in a computer for multipurpose use.


  • GPU hardware must support at least level DirectX version 9.0c however the GPU software drivers must support the DirectX 11 Feature Level 9.1 (which means the DX11 API has been implemented in the GPU software driver to be compatible with DX9 hardware)

Drive space

  • Kodi download windows 7,8 and 10 required between 100 to 200MB of space, depending on how the file is extracting. Technically speaking, if your device “Pc and Laptop” supports netbooting, you do not even require a internal storage for either the operating system or for Kodi.
  • Minimum: 4 to 8GB
  • Recommended: 16GB or more
  • It varies on the basis of how big your video library is. Most of the space required for Kodi comes from the images/artwork cache, which can be adjusted: HOW-TO:Reduce disk space usage.

So above I have listed almost all platforms to Kodi download pc. Suppose if you using any other platforms which I have not listed here. So please visit the site of Kodi to download software. Now let’s move on how ‘Kodi download pc windows 7,8,10 and how to install Kodi on windows. To install Kodi on your windows you must fulfill the basic requirement of Kodi while starting the process of how to “Kodi download windows 7, 8,10 App for Laptop & Pc full version software free install”. Now go to download “Kodi download windows 7, 8,10.

While you ‘Kodi download pc’, it demands your full attention in order to install and it may take your one hours as per your internet speed. So let’s begin the process of how Kodi free download for windows.

Update Kodi to windows 32bit

  • Now open the website to downloadKodi or just click on the link to Download Kodi.
  • On top left-hand side an option for “Download” just click on or skip this particular step.

Click to Download Kodi

  • Now click to the Windows.
  • Click on “Installer(32Bit), here don’t confuse about 32bit because after download your Kodi demand you to upgrade into 62Bit. So just click on it.

Click Installer(32Bit)

  • After few minutes your Kodi starts a download. Suppose if downloading do not start automatically so just click on “Click here” to forcefully download. I hope you have completed this first process of “Kodi download for windows”.

It’s about 72mb of software which will take your few minutes to download just be patience while downloading it. Once your Kodi software gets download move on to below second step which is on update Kodi to windows 62bit.

  • Once you complete your previous process it suddenly downloads few things, let get it done and after download just click on open.

update Kodi to windows

  • When you click on open, after few minutes a popup will appear with an error just click on Ok.
  • New windows will open in order to download your updating.

download your updating

  • Now scroll down and one option is available to “Download the update package now” just click on it.
  • Choose your language and click on to download

Choose your language

  • Now you can choose your first option in order to “Windows 6.1” which size is 11.3 Mb just click on.
  • Click on next

Click next

  • You can see a new option to download just click on “Start download”.
  • Here you can see downloading is in process.

downloading is in process

  • Click on to open option to install your updating.
  • Now just click on “yes”.

Click on yes

  • Let’s get complete this process.
  • Restart your computer now.

Restart Computer

So here you have successfully completed the first two processes and now the time has come to move on to the third process. In upper both process, you have seen that how to update Kodi and from where download to Kodi. I hope you did not miss out any of process. So now let’s move on to third one process which is, how to install beast Kodi to windows.

The process to Kodi download pc & Laptop

As above the paragraph i disclose you about the windows version that how it important regarding installation of open source home theater software. Currently am using this kodi tv apk in my windows and in Android, Which is working very fine. So now let’s move to the topic discussion about how to Kodi download for windows 8,7,10.

Kodi Free Download For Laptop

  • Now just click on to an open option and also you can see the below images.

open Kodi setup

  • After the completed upper process, now you can see one more popup has been appeared front of you so just click next now.
  • Now in this process, you are agreeing with Kodi term and condition. So click to “I agree”.

Accept Kodi agreement

  • Click to next now.
  • Now just click on install to your Kodi.

Click to install Kodi

  • Your installation process will move on like this.
  • Now at last click to the check mark that after finishing the installation your Kodi can run and also click on to the finish.

Check on run

  • At last, now you can see that your Kodi will start working with below primary screen short. So here you have completed your all process in order to “Kodi download for windows” and “how to install Kodi on windows”.

Conclusion Kodi download windows 7, 8,10

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Watching these from your own IP address is totally risky. In order to get rid of such issues, a Kodi VPN is always recommended. Kodi with alexa download 2017. Using a VPN will unlock geo-blocked content, keep you anonymous online and watch without buffering! Also, few kodi add-ons are geo-restricted and can’t be accessed by all the users.


The Kodi Velocity add-on from the BlazeTamer repo has been released and brings a whole new multi-source movie and TV show add-on for Kodi users! Click here to find out what features it has and how you can install the Kodi Velocity add-on today!

Download For Velocity Or Kodi 2

  • Added more providers
  • Faster source returns
  • Dialog updates during source returns


After a few weeks of speculation, teasers, and hints on Twitter, the BlazeTamer repo has released a brand new add-on for Kodi called Velocity. Velocity is an add-on that grabs movies and TV show data from different sources around the internet.

The Kodi Velocity add-on uses Trakt as the backend database so even without an account, you get a ton of great movie and TV links when you use the add-on.

With a Trakt account, the Kodi Velocity add-on opens up a whole new set of features, including:

  • Add shows to your watchlist, where they remain until you watch the show.
  • Add shows to your collection, which works similar to the Kodi library integration without depending on Kodi’s backend.
  • When you add TV shows to your collection, you can filter by episodes you haven’t watched yet and see the next episode.
  • There is an area with recommendations on what to watch based on your history.

To install or find out more about Trakt, click here!

In addition, scrapers can be enabled and disabled within the add-on settings.

Make sure that you install the Kodi Velocity album via the official BlazeTamer repo (instructions below) as it is required to receive auto-updates in the future to the add-ons and the sources used in the add-on.

Kodi 17.1 Download

Note for Real-Debrid users: As long as you have Real-Debrid setup in your URLResolver according to our guide, all links in Velocity that use Real-Debrid hosts will work for you in the faster premium speed.

Kodi 17.4 Download

Kodi Velocity Trakt Setup Guide

  • First, make sure you have a Trakt account setup from
  • In your web-browser, go to Login with your account.
  • Trakt will ask you if you want to authorize your account with the Velocity add-on. Click the green AUTHORIZE button.
  • Write down the PIN that Trakt provides you.
  • Launch the Kodi Velocity add-on you installed from the BlazeTamer repo, go to Trakt Settings, then click Click Here to Authorize Trakt and enter in the PIN you received above, then click Enter.
  • That’s it! You can verify that your Trakt account is synced by hovering over any movie or TV show, clicking menu, and clicking Add to collection, which will add the show to your collection.


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